Settings: Machine

Machine is where you will configure your particular machine. This includes max X and Y bed size and your beam diameter.

Each machine will vary slightly, so it is recommended to run a test to determine the maximum burn area of your laser without hitting your limits as well as using a slant board test to identify the proper focal point of your beam and obtaining an accurate measurement of your beam diameter.

Machine Settings1


Machine Width & Height values will determine the machine workable area. This will be represented by 4 arrows and a highlighted white area.





Configure this values based on your machine capabilities. This ranges will prevent gcode generation if by mistake you enter a value in operations that exceed this defined here.





This values will shift the location of the machine origin. For example if you want Origin 0,0 to be top left then place a negative value on Machine Bottom Y  ( This value should be related to the machine dimension specified above )



Machine Z Stage allows you to configure a tool offset in mm plus will add 2 additional fields in any the laser operations: Passes and Pass Depth 







Machine Settings2
Air Assist allows you to enter a Gcode value to turn your air assist on and off if they are connected to your control system.