Evaluate Acceleration

To find the right acceleration settings, do the following:

  1. Load our acceleration_test.jpg (right click for download) into LaserWeb.
  2. Then create a raster operation and change pass to 1 and cut rate to 6000 mm/min
  3. Generate the gcode.
  4. Click on COM tab, select the machine port and connect.
  5. Click on JOG tab. On the lower right of the screen you see the console line.
  6. Type $120=1500 into the console line and press ENTER. This sets your X acceleration to 1500mm/s2.
  7. Run the job.
  8. If the acceleration is too height, you will hear/see lost stepps on the sides (when changing direction). Then lower the acceleration value by 10% and test again.
  9. If there was no lost stepps, increase to value by 10% and test again.
  10. If you found the limit where loosing stepps begins, reduce the value by 15-20% and set it to $120 and $121 (X and Y axis).