Manipulating Paths - Moving, Scaling and Operations

One of the more powerful features is the ability to work with individual paths to create operations as well as manipulation of scale and placement.

In example 1 you can see that by expanding your svg tree you are able to select the entire file, complete layers or individual paths. This allows you to select different parts of the file and apply different operations such as cut, engrave or fill. Dragging your selection do the create operations section will start the CAM process. You may also add and delete paths to a given operation to group parts of your file that require the same settings.

Manipulating the scale and location of your paths is easy as well. Simply clicking on the item on the grid will highlight it and allow you to drag to a new location or enter a precise location in the floating settings window that is displayed. You can also adjust the scale as shown below while maintaining or breaking the x/y constraint.

Example #1